Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Incase You Want To Be Just Like Me

Here are some great gardening links that I have been using:

Little House in the Suburbs
Especially their posts about: Newspaper Seedling Pots, Cinder Block Compost Bins, How to Compost, and Aluminum Can Plant Markers

Grow Your Own

Bottle Herb Garden (from Instructables)

Have Fun!

Sweet Baby Jesus!

Woah-ho! I just realized how long it has been since I have posted anything new. They say no news is good news and in this case it's true. It means I have had nothing to complain about lately.

You guys actually dodged a bullet and didn't even know it because I almost got on to post a funny story that I thought of, but didn't, because a) it was really long and I just haven't had time and b) it was about cat poop. And who really wants to read 5 paragraphs about cat poop, no one. Your welcome.

I knew things would be busy for me, but I thought it would be because the school semester is coming to an end and I would be overwhelmed with homework and term papers. I think my teachers are even lazier than I am, and you know what, it is strangely motivating. I'm so bored it is actually making me more productive.

This month I started a garden in my back yard and in my in-laws back yard (a salsa garden with tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, and 5 types of peppers!). and a compost pile (I have always wanted one and don't know why). I also started going to craft nights at a local cafe, and sometimes I volunteer to help close up. I actually made some friends (weird, I know) and meet on monday mornings to do yoga in the park.

Now I just need to get bored enough to start looking for a job.