Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cats and Dogs

Today I realized that my fear of dogs doesn't make much sense (unlike my fear of monkeys). I have always had this idea in my head that any dog could turn on me at any minute. Which I am now beginning to think is crazy because I have never been attacked by a dog, I have never even met a mean dog. Sure it would suck to get attacked by a dog (or a monkey) but now I think the odds of it actually happening are pretty slim. Not slim enough for me to walk past a dog without changing sides of the street, but I'm getting better, and these things take time damn it.

I realized how silly this fear was today when I thought about the two cats I have. They are two of the meanest most evil cats I have ever met. These furry little bastards love to do sneak attacks on me and make me bleed on a daily basis. Its a good thing that these two don't get along with each other or I would be in real trouble when they decided to gang up on me. I think they are gradually turning me into a dog person.

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  1. That monkey video scares the hell out of me.