Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Stealing Time

Sunday we started daylight savings time and set the clocks back an hour. It was also my birthday which means I lost an hour of my birthday. So not fair.

It was still a great weekend, with two sushi dinners, an ice cream cake and a confetti cake, and some great little gifts. I couldn't complain about my stolen hour too much because my father-in-law told me that once, when he was in the navy, he missed his whole birthday when his ship crossed over the international dateline. Bummer.

In case anyone is wondering, everything went fine with Uncle Eric visiting. He really is a nice guy, but before he went home he left a book for my in-laws that was titled "Your Wasted Life". (Ouch) And one thing I thought was interesting was when my mother-in-law told him to drive safely, like she always does, he replied with, "Hey, I could be in heaven tonight."

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  1. two sushi Dinner, lucky girl! I love sushi.

    Mostly I'm leaving a comment because I'm in the awkward phase between childhood and adulthood- and it sucks. There is no road map to getting through being stuck in the middle.Also I love every single one of your favorite songs!