Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Missed Opportunities

I was sitting outside one of my classes last Wednesday, because I always end up getting there early, and some dude walks up and asked me to turn in his homework for him because he couldn't stay. I said yes and took the paper, but as he and his friends were walking away I thought of the best joke to play on him.

As they walked away I wanted to just reach over and drop his homework in the trash nearby. I would be funny to the other people standing around, and it would be extra funny if he or one of his friends saw me and called me out. Then I could just be like, "just kidding!"

I let the opportunity pass my by because I don't know this dude at all, and it was the kind of thing that would either end up making us friends or he would just hate me and mutter 'bitch' under his breath every time he saw me. But, it made me laugh to my self so next time an opportunity like that comes up I think I'll do it.


  1. i don't think i would have even thought of something so clever on the spot. but it was probably a good idea to resist temptation. some people have no sense of humor /:

  2. Hi there!

    Not sure if you're into this blogger award stuff but I've given you one! The details are at my blog and I'm giving it to you because you sound really funny/smart/fun to be around which pretty much equates sexy. Oh and your picture's cute.

    Anyway (: Here you are! http://polygnome.blogspot.com/2009/04/my-first-award.html

  3. I always think of jokes but don't do them for fear of judgment too. But my mind's in the gutter so it's kind of different :)