Sunday, March 1, 2009

Married Twice In Three Days

I just found out today that my husband's uncle is going to be staying at his parents house for the entire week. Any other week I would be able to pretend I was so busy with school that I didn't have a chance to visit, but it's my birthday this week, so I will have to go over there for presents and cake and annual awkwardness. This is the same uncle ended up being the pastor at our wedding and nearly made me a bridezilla.

For the record, when we first started planning everything, I asked my husband's parents if one of his uncles (both pastors) could do our wedding and we never got an answer back. I got the feeling that they weren't planning on flying out for the wedding at all, so I just let it go.

We tried my aunt's pastor who was local, but he insisted that we go through the whole marriage counseling process that he and his wife put together. We were kind of prepared for suffering through counseling so we met with them. After asking too many personal questions (and answering them all with lies) they told us that they charge $65 per person and gave us a 10 page questionnaire that we each have to fill out. Yeah, that's not really our style, so we never went back.

Next, we tried a pastor from the phone book. We made the mistake of working out all the details with him before we worked out the price. When we met with him he told us it would be $500 for a 1 hour ceremony. Psh, i don't think so. We told him to take a hike and went into panic mode because our wedding was in about two weeks.

My mother-in-law finally called and talked to one of her brothers. Then she came to us and said, "I know! Uncle Eric could do your wedding!" like it was her idea all of a sudden. I never know what to say when someone does that, but we did need a pastor, so we just went along with it.

Three days before the wedding Uncle Eric told us:

*He wasn't a register pastor in our state. Which ment he couldn't sign the marriage certificate and make thing official.

*Therefore, he wouldn't pronounce us husband and wife in the ceremony since it would be a lie.

*He would only do the ceremony if he could include his favorite bible verses about marriage.

Wow, cue bridezilla freakout.

We ended up going to the courthouse two days before the wedding to get legally married so that I could actually hear the words "I now pronounce you..." on my wedding day. I let the bible verses slide because, while I am not religious, most of the rest of my family is. We never told our guests that we were already technically married before our wedding day.

So, even though everything worked out in the end, I am still not looking forward to seeing Uncle Eric again.

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